Approximately what year are PSA certs?

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Approximately what years were 1xxxxxxx, 2xxxxxxx, 4xxxxxxx, and 6xxxxxxx certs made? Trying to get a rough idea.


Interesting Q. I’ve no idea, but interesting to know…

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You’ll probably get a pretty good idea by going through “The Great Grading Results Thread”. That thread goes back to 2015, so it should give you a good idea for the 2xx and later certs. Some members have also posted much older grading results, going all the way back to 2008.

Another way to determine this, at least for later certs, would be to google notable cards from each set and looking for certs on google images. For instance, I found a 2017 Burning Shadows Charizard with a 2-cert, which means they were still doing those in late 2017.

EDIT: Or check out instead of using google images. They even let you sort by cert, so you can easily find the smallest cert number sold for each set card. Might take some work, but it should get you the information you want.


There can definitely be a little crowdsourcing down here with people posting submission dates and certs of their past orders and compiling it into a table


Order Date: October 2012
Certs: 2079xxxx

Order Date: June 2014
Certs: 2307xxxx


Ludkins December 2020
Cert # 9999XXXX

Order date: 1/31/18
Cert: 2877xxxx

Order date: 3/23/18:
Cert: 3036xxxx

Order date: 9/18/18
Cert: 4152xxxx

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