Apologies + Advice

Hey all,

Apologies for my dropping of the website radar…I’m returning to university soon and thus had to stop building my collection and start saving all my money so that I can survive, so I stopped all Pokemon-related activity so I wouldn’t be able to find anything which I would want to buy.

It really sucks that I can’t buy any more, and I’ve got 2 years left at uni so it’s going to be a long while before I can add to it…(I did a placement year this year, where I got paid, hence being able to expand a lot) but I was wondering if anyone has any awesome money making ideas that I could use to fund my addition, I mean hobby? :blush:


sell all the extra cards that you don’t want/can afford to part with on ebay :wink:

i know the feeling though :slightly_frowning_face: i just had to sell my beloved camera as i’ve just gone back to uni too, it’s no fun at all! but 2 years isn’t that long to go :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm yes I guess I do have a lot I could sell, I just figured it would be easier on a thread on here but that’s not gone as well as I’d hoped! Will have to get around to doing that.

Ah that’s lame :slightly_frowning_face: Are you still buying cards?

yeah a little bit :blush: mainly just cheaper ones here and there to help fuel my addiction though haha.

Basiikus I would be willing to buy what cards do you have?

Lol found it nvm!


My advice is for you to stop collecting and enjoy university life! Honestly, some things are far more important than Pokémon. Concentrate on your degree (if you’re doing a four year course this is your Bachelors year), look for internships and save money to go out with friends.

It’ll do you the world of good and you’ll be earning more and be comfortable enough in life to buy lots lots more after you’ve graduated.

Honestly (and this is to everyone reading this): collecting is for fun, its a hobby, but it shouldn’t be forcing you to make hard choices. If it is, it should always be collecting that takes the back seat.

Thanks for your replies.

Thanks for your wise words Dogma! It’s just quite hard to go from buying loads of cards this year to not being able to buy any haha. I’m doing a 5 year course, and this is year 4 - so still an important year yes :blush:

5 Year? WHOA!

Either engineering or medicine. I’m fairly sure it’s engineering…

Yup! Electronic Engineering.