Anyone seen this promo error Celebi before?

The error is at the top of the card. I asked the Charizard Authority and he said this is odd because it never came sealed or in a pack. Any one have any other additional information? Thanks (: (and thanks to TCA as well)

* Edit: It does come sealed (: lol …Anyone know if it has been sold as an error card like this? (I probably won’t, just curious)

That is odd. Huh.

Looks like the wrapper was sealed and the card was stuck between the sealstrip. Haven’t seen it before. At least not on any of my sealed celebi’s or any other sealed promos.

Interesting, so are you saying it was sealed by mistake? Or that these cards do actually come sealed

They do come sealed. I figure it was a sealing mistake.

Well that was simple. Sometimes we’re just wrong. Hahaha.

Ah gotcha! Thanks a lot for the link! So does anyone know of these being sold before? hahahaha

LOL dam… I was gonna say, they did come sealed. I have one sealed.

Cool hahahaha! I edited my original post to let everyone know that it does come sealed. Any idea what the value of this card may be? It’s in Near Mint or better :grin:

Add +$1 or $2 to the price.

Okay thanks!! I appreciate all the help :grin: