Anyone know who purchased this? (Also buying trophy cards)

Hi guys,

was looking through past sales one ebay to try and figure out which trophy card I want to my money at.

this listing obviously stood out the most and was wondering if anyone knew who the buyer was? I am aware that the card was faded etc
I would basically be willing to pay double what they did or more for that card or similar

The trophy cards I am in the market for are pretty much all the “numbered trainer cards”, number 1-4 trainer.
My budget for one card can go up to 3500$ at the moment.

If I do decide to get a trophy that isn’t a numbered trainer it will most likely be smpratte’s Parent/child Kangaskhan.

Thanks for your time guys

It was mentioned in the Giant Auction Thread a while back I believe… with the fact that the card is faded being a major turnoff. Dunno if anyone here got it though.


Yea get a nice gem mint 10 trophy …screw that faded shit.


Appreciate the remarks guys =}

I’ll leave this up a little longer and then convert it to a haunter collection thread

Technically (unless I’m mistaken) it would be in the wrong sub-forum if you did it here, but I guess a mod could move it for ya. Looking forward to seeing your collection! Love Haunter, do you only do Haunter or the whole evo line?

I was meaning convert to a buying thread to finish that collection hehe

I am doing all haunter first, and when I’m satisfied I’m moving on to gengar, and then ghastly respectively!

By far my favorite evolution line =D


That’s precisely what I’m doing with the Pikachu line - will move on to Raichu when Pikachu is done probably. Best of luck!


To you as well my friend!


Please post pictures soon

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