Anyone into coins?

If so I have an extremely rare 1965 silver Roosevelt dime that I’m searching for a buyer for. I work at a bank and have the coin in my change tray. I was going to buy it and add it to the rest of the silver coins I have to sell for melt value until I found out what this is worth. If anyone is interested, or know somebody who may be, please let me know.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Google it and you’ll see what I mean.

I recently got out of collecting coins but I still have a lot of my collection. I know what that coin is worth but of course authenticity questions come up with such a coin. Either way I don’t have the money for a coin like that but if it is genuine then kudos on owning it.

Did you mean a 1965 dime? Or something different entirely. If it is a 1965 silver dime aren’t they 90% silver…so about $2 worth? I thought there were roughly 1.6 million minted.

Ahhh never mind. They stopped minting silver ones in 1964 so to have a 1965 on a silver plate is uncommon. Brief but it mentions it. 1 sec I’ll look for something better

Hahaha I answered my own question in my post above :stuck_out_tongue:

This is really catching my attention Waynegg…things like these don’t come up. Can you please weigh the coin to determine if it’s silver? 2.5g says silver, 2.27g says clad.

BTW the only way to go about selling a coin like this would be to authenticate and grade it first. I’ll tell you that you can buy a couple trophy cards with such a coin if it is what you think it is…

Yeah. I have a post office next door to me. They’ll weigh it. This is what I know 100% certain right now- solid silver color edges (no copper). The luster is not that of nickel; LOOKS silver. I know even if it weighs out at the 2.5, I’ll have to get it authenticated but for $7-12K it’ll be well worth it.

I would love to buy some trophy’s but my 88 yr old grandmother needs teeth. If it goes down that’ll have to take priority. When she passes she’s passing on a couple of rolls of $5 gold coins, tons of Morgans, a Lincoln election token, and quite a bit of other stuff to me. The least I can do is buy her some quality dentures for the rest of her time here.

She’s who got me into collecting.

That’s a very noble act.

I would love to get an update when you weigh it, you do realise that this would be a museum type piece. If it holds true and you get it authenticated then the coin collecting world will go nuts. I wish you all the best.

Yeah. I kinda figured that (not the museum piece part, totally skimmed that part) The edges are perfect and bright. The center has a black residue here and there, tarnish? other crap?, don’t know. Somebody who knows what they’re doing will have to do the job of cleaning it :blush:

I find other rare coins all the time. Working for a bank has its perks and I have to handle tons of change. Coin collecting, naturally all things considered, was my first passion so I know what to look for.

I have an off metal 1990 penny that came in a roll of dimes from Brinks. It never made the copper bath.

I also have a dime that’s double struck.

Why do you think it would be a museum piece though? Surely not. It’s nowhere near as rare as many others.

Sorry the museum piece was sort of an exaggeration, I meant that it’s the sort of thing that’s so rare it should be in a museum. It is ultra rare and only a few have been authenticated from what I know. Many people have claimed to have had one but few actual real ones have surfaced. The coin community will go nuts if yours is indeed authenticated.

I collected Canadian coins and even I know how elusive a 1965 silver dime is :stuck_out_tongue: that tells you something about notoriety.

You provably know this, but whatever you do, dont try to clean it.

If you did indeed find one, you would absolutely need to have it authenticated. (By either NGC or PCGS.) There are plenty of fake 65, 66, & 67 “silver” dimes out there made of filler metals with silver plating.

Agree. Best to have it authenticated/graded by either PCGS or NGC. Makes it easier to sell in the future. But if you’re not a member, you cannot submit the coin directly to them. You will have to find a coin dealer that you can trust to submit the coin for you.

OP any updates?

Hopefully its real! I used to plate pennies with silver and quarters with copper for fun. I should’ve plated 1965 dimes with silver!

Almost anyone can, and do, fake these. I hope you find something out soon!

Wouldn’t the weight and sound when dropped be different form their non silver counterparts? I guess that kind of hard to tell if buying online though :confused:

Yes. It would make a Copper sound when dropped because it’s a regular dime plated with a sliver of silver. (LOL.)

The plating would not add any weight.

A weight test would tell right away if it’s plated or not.