Anyone here have an electric longboard?

When I was 17-18 I got into the idea of longboarding. I say idea because I was God awful at it while I had my board. My main issue is that I’m 6’2 and awkward as hell so I just ate shit whenever I hit any type of speed.

I’ve been heavily considering a boosted board, or other types of electric longboards. The price range on these are around $1,000-$1,500 for a quality setup. I live in the south and have never seen one in person nor do I think I can find someone to test one of these out. Does anyone on e4 happen to have a board and want to share their experience with it?

My brother has a boosted board, he loves it and takes it out for fun all the time. It goes pretty fast, to the point where you could probably seriously hurt yourself if you fell off, but you have control over the speed obviously. I’m pretty uncoordinated but it didn’t take me long to figure out.

The battery seems to last on the order of 1/2 hour to maybe a couple hours depending on how hard you push it. I think he said it tends to not last as long on long, open areas where you can just crank it to full speed. The belt inside his board broke twice (I believe it was because he used it in the rain) but they sent him a replacement both times.

I can’t speak much to them personally, but if you ask him he would 100% recommend it. It seems to work great if you often find yourself needing to do 20+ minute walks to get to places.