Anyone here a sneaker head?

What’s up guys I’m new to group son be cool to know if anyone else here shares the passion of collections shoes also?

I like them a bit!

You might think this mag is cool:

Would you wear a pair of these?


I only use sneakers for when I exercise or lounging at home, personally I hate the culture surrounding them.


I don’t have an impressive collection but I definitely know my stuff about shoes. My sneaker money started going to Pokemon cards, and when you’re a broke college kid it’s hard to have both. I can still name and identify all the Jordans, Yeezys, Nike models, you name it. This is an interesting video if you are interested in the culture too:

It’s a Complex interview with Ronnie Fieg. The rest of that series is really good as well.

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I consider myself a borderline sneakerhead. I used to have a couple pair of yeezys but sold them off for cards.

What I currently have are Bred 1s 2016, Royal 1s 2017, a couple pair of NMDs and Ultraboost.

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Awesome to see a few of you guys here that like the whole sneaker head group

I was huge into shoes yezzy 1.0 ultraboost and mostly jordan 1s when I fell into the rabbit hole of Pokémon I had to sell a few of my shoes to get started collecting Pokémon

So now shoes are in the back burner and 1st edition base is the new hunt for me haha

When I complete the 1st edition base set I’ll rock these all day hahah

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I love Nike Blazers, my favorite shoe is the Classic White on Black Suede (Classic & SB). I also like some Jordan’s, like the 1’s, 3’s & 4’s. My favorite Jordan’s are the 4’s, preferably Fire Red, Undefeated, White Cements & BReds.
I have a soft spot for New Balance 574’s too.

Also “Yeezys” are wack as fuck.

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I was never a blazer fan but the new off white blazer and so amazing saw them in person got to have them

Gotta have Blazers @boostedhead671

Boutta cop the black and gum ones soon.

Don’t hate on your boy rockin’ the New Balance😂


I feel like you’re more of an Air Monarch kind of guy, Gary.


As long as they’re aren’t white. If they are white, Imma finna have to roast ya

I like how this thread brought the hood out of certain people.

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I usually wear sandals year round unless work needs shoes. But i own a pair of pokemon diamond pearl (and sonic hedgehog) sneakers and i wear them only on special occasions.

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Uhmmm…no comment😩

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Like at your wedding?

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Nothing wrong with new balance! I just got a pair not long ago myself :^)

I’m definitely not a sneaker head but I’m thinking one day these will fetch a few bucks.