Anyone else strictly collect first and second gen. PKMN?

I understand lots of the members here have no qualms about the newer gens, personally don’t like them so I strictly collect promo cards which have them, the exception being Jumbo cards which include one or more of the 1st-2nd gen PKMN and some of the others, like Cptn. Pikachu promo for example.

Anyone else have this way of collecting or am I alone here? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I’m with you. My collection consists of the 1st and second gen. exclusively. Really, it is mostly the Japanese cards with the old back so technically I collect even less than that. The new back came in around the end of the second gen. I believe, after all the regular sets were released.

The only difference is that I don’t mind the later generations of Pokemon, but rather that I don’t like the changes the cards underwent after the Japanese transition to e-reader/new backs.

I am not exclusive to any generation, but I do not really focus on adding cards past 3rd gen.

I strictly collect Wizards of the Coast cards in english so that limits it to Gen 1 and 2. As far as Japanese cards go I don’t collect the regular sets. Just promos mainly with the exception of the Vs/Web Series.
I had been collecting the Full Arts as they were coming out but fell behind and realised I didn’t care to catch up.
And I lied earlier, I do have all the english gold stars so I did get a few cards post WOTC era :stuck_out_tongue:

It probably has to do with the original reason I collect Pokemon cards (again). It reminds myself of the great time I had when I was younger. And this was the time of the very beginings of Pokemon! For me personally the WOTC era cards aswell as the japanese old back promos are the most desirable cards ever released. I would also go beyond and say everything that came after that (maybe with exception of some 2nd gen illustrations) was just a poor attempt to keep the saga alive. As much as I love the old sets, especially if it says Ken Sugimori on it, I despise the latest developments! But that’s just me …

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Good to hear I’m not alone here. :grin:

I mainly collect the older generations as those are the Pokemon i’m familiar with and I get nostalgic about. I’m not a huge follower of all of the new ones, although I do like to collect newer cards that either have a cool design, have an interesting back story, or are highly rare/desirable! :blush:

You’re definitely not alone :blush:

My personal collection is even more narrow — it consists primarily of the Base Set no-rarity-symbol cards and the unnumbered promo cards. Though I do pick up newer cards now and then, just for kicks.

Oh wow, it certainly is narrow! How much do you have left to complete the no rarity set? :blush:

I mainly focus on 1st edition base/jungle/fossil sets and early japanese promos and some black star promos but if a newer card has an exceptionally well designed art or is rare ill be interested

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I mostly collect only gen 1 & 2. I’ll occasionally get newer cards because they are part of a set (i.e the 10th anniversary collectors set, had darkrai and deoxys as well as mew and mewtwo). If a card strikes me as really visually appealing and rare enough I might start too want it though. But primarily just gen 1 and 2.

I’m guilty of this! I got back into collecting in 2008, and was doing it purely for nostalgia. I really have no interest in collecting the newer cards. I love the newer games, i have nothing against gen 3 onwards, but for me the desire to collect newer cards just isn’t as much as the ones i grew up with.

This being said, ive recently started playing the game again, so i dare say i’ll be collecting the newer sets.