Anyone collect Legos?

Its been years and years since i have touched legos, but my wife’s grandmother got me this set for Christmas and i am excited to let myself lose myself building for a day when i get the time


This is so wholesome! :face_holding_back_tears:


I also got lego for christmas and even though i’m 100% pokemon guy nowdays and can’t let myself slip into another expensive collecting hobby i can’t remember when was the last time i was as excited about something, putting them together was the best escapism for a long long time!


My dad just found all my Lego at their house! Looks like I’ll be packing an extra suitcase next visit.



I started collecting Legos before I got back into the card hobby, these are my favorites in my collection.
The breaking bad set is not an official Lego set.


I can’t remember if I’ve posted this here or not, but back in June it was announced that a new Lego manufacturing plant will be built in Chesterfield, Virginia! This will be the very first Lego plant in the United States and the 2nd in North America. It’s expected to be fully open by late 2025. This is quite significant as there are currently only five manufacturing plants in the world. Cue the “how will this affect the market” meme


Lego mailday (and also PSA returns today)


Finally pushing myself to post here too. Here are the 3 pieces i have in my modern lego collection (can’t let it grow since pokemon is life). Fiat 500 i actually asked as a father’s day gift from my wife since i really fell in love with the looks of it, building it really took me in another place and after that i’ve spent good whiles just staring at it and playing with the moving parts :slight_smile: really awesome how well thought the modern sets are and feels like every small detail has a meaning. Vespa was actually a complete surprise from my parents on christmas, i felt a huge wavr of nostalgia getting lego and pokemon cards as christmas presents :smiley: hot rod actually is my favourite lego from my childhood that i built again lately. And believe me, it took AGES, some of the parts of it where copies i had only that single one needed and looking for them in 4 massive boxes of lego was something i won’t repeat. The looks of it seriously haven’t gotten old and i’m now planning to get it united with the two modern legos and have them at a shelf to admire after renovating our living room. Really cool looking trio imo! I’ve never liked cars irl at all but for some reason in lego form they get me all excited.

And as a bonus one, a photo of lego slime i also posted in my collection thread :slight_smile:


Big news in the bust world

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For anyone who loves legos and stop-motion, check out this YouTuber. :smiley: