Anyone collect Legos?

Man I love the ufo series. I had that exact one growing up and the flying saucer was one of my first purchases when I got back into collecting. I wish they had more sets. The alien designs are s tier!


Yeah they’re fun! I had the giant ship with the battery operated fiber optics as a kid. At least if you want to complete them the small run makes that easier but I’m pretty sure there was something about the big ship that is a pain in the butt to get these days.

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Man I really enjoy the vintage space and castles sets the most. Anyone remember Ice Planet 2002 or Spyrius? Or the Space Police from the late 80s/early 90s? Man I should finish up those set collections here.


Man this thread just keeps unlocking core memories. I forgot about all these sets until I see pictures like this. Keep posting please!


If I must… :joy:

These are all from childhood except the two minifigs and robot at the bottom right and the alien go kart thing at the back middle. I’ll get the ship I posted yesterday squeezed onto this shelf somehow…


These are so awesome. Forgot about that white space rover too. Such a sweet design.

Nice! Like @Rattlesnake , Ah the memories… Most of mine are all dismantled in a bin for my nephews… but it’s great to see 'em whole again.


Not technically Lego but I did build this charizard. It’s was very fun! Also peep eggman in the background :eyes: