Anyone buy singles on ebay from edmerler?

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has purchased singles from this seller before and can verify that the cards labeled mint really are mint. I noticed he’s a few examples where a “mint” card is like .30 more than a “near mint” card which makes me think they check condition seriously.

One of the best when it comes to accurate condition.

Dynamite. Thanks Elf!

Can support this. I’ve bought a few and although I haven’t graded them yet I would call a high 9-anywhere in 10 range.

Great seller. Never bought a “mint” card off him that wasn’t at least a 9.

can someone please link this store?

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can’t find it through the search member section…

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Here ya go

That much feedback and 100% positive is pretty impressive.

He is good. Consistently sells mint cards (around that of a PSA 9 in my experience).

Yep he’s good, also very nice as a person.

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