Any other gun enthusiasts?

I am a huge fan of the Kalashnikov platform and my baby right now is my saiga 12 gauge. Thats about the only other thing I collect. I have other hobbies though, such as exercising, gaming, etc.

We’ve had a couple threads on guns here you should look up.
Me personally? I love guns but I am also responsible for my family so I am rarely far from one. I don’t discuss the types though.
Now to be fair, I am highly trained as is everyone in my household (except the 1 year old but she will be soon;) so it is and must be safe.


F**K Guns. Lol. Use your ninja skills instead… Asd for me I don’t have to because I AM GOKU. INstant Transmission.


I would like to have a gun. But too lazy to get my licence lmao. Plus its $300. That is a lot of Pokemans

I use to have a replica colt 45 that’s about as far as I’ve ever gotten into it

My girlfriends has some nice big guns … snap

In all seriousness, I only like guns if they shoot glitter

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I have my LTC, and have various guns and love to go to the range.

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So do I:)

I’m a fan of the Walther P99. It’s perfect in my eyes.