Any collector from Spain having any experience with customs?

Spain is part of the EU therefore the same rules regarding import should apply.

Speaking of spanish residing citizens…I have purchased an item from a guy in spain for £170, I was wondering how badl i will be mauled with duty vat etc? cheers

The Dutch Postal also has extra fees on top of import fees. On my last shipment from Amiami I had to pay € 17,50 as ‘handling fees’ on top of the tax for the import. I am pretty sure the Spanish import fees will be 18.5% of the declared value (excluding shipping costs) for every euro above the ‘free to import’ 22 euro limit.

Don’t know if this applies for Spain aswell (or Germany for the matter), but when my shipping costs exceed the import fees, they’ll past is most of the time here in the Netherlands. And; you can always try a middleman or false value declarations not get import fees. I haven’t tried any of them before, sometimes you just lucky and fly under the radar.

To reply to this: As long as the UK hasn’t finalized it’s Brexit process, purchasing items and trade between European Union countries is free from import fees. But the customs are still allowed (and able) to search your shipment as part of a random check to see if there are no forbidden products being trafficked.

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You’re an expert @genosha! :grin:

The handling fees are definitely a pain in the a**. I was so happy here in Germany having not heard about them, and now I’ll have to start dealing with them… As if Pokemon was not expensive enough xD

That’s the only good thing about the EU; unified laws for trading, so laws on importing from non-EU territories are the same everywhere. You just have to keep in mind every country got his own fees and tax systems so prices in one country can be cheaper than some other.

I would love to import to Spain or Portugal just because their lower tax rate (below 20%) and than ship it back to the Netherlands. Importing in e.g. Denmark or Greece (and I think also Poland) is far more expensive with their 24-25% tax rates. But this is literally tax evasion and not worth it for some Pokemon cards or Famicom games =)

hahah yeah, not worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I think that in Spain it’s 21%. I’m not sure, though. I’ll discover it in the near future xD

You’re right. I thought they still had a 18.5% tax rate.

I wish :sob: