Another Ancient Mew Error Card??

Hi All,

Since you all seem to be the experts to ask I thought I’d pose the following: After doing a random Google search for Pokemon error cards I read on Bulbapedia’s Error cards page that there is ANOTHER Ancient Mew error card not included in the Ancient Mew breakdown previously posted elsewhere on this site.

Bulbapedia states that this error card lacks a front (scroll down to the bottom):

Direct link to the scan:

Can anyone provide some more information on this card? Is it legit? If it is real, do you know what the other side of the card in the scan looks like and whether Mew is even on it?


I personally think that’s some loser putting their card on Bulbapedia as though it’s a legit error card so they can try to sell it for more. Clearly it’s not an ancient Mew anyways, if you look at it there’s no way that it could ever be (ie yellow borders etc.). There definitely isn’t a mew on it :wink:

Also, those cards with blank fronts can be made very simply with the organic solvent acetone, therefore one should never buy one as an error card, but rather a novelty item.

Hope that helps!

I figured it couldn’t be real as there would be copies floating around on eBay, etc. Thanks!!

I think I’m going to try and make some blank cards, just for fun. They do have a nice look to them!

I think it’s listed there because it’s meant to be “Another Error”, not an Ancient Mew error.

This is exactly what happened. I apologize for not being able to research error cards heavily in order to improve that page. It is something that I’ve always wanted to do, it is just a lot of work and effort that I can’t devote since I’m one of the few TCG editors for Bulbapedia and am directing pretty much all of my time to adding stuff about current releases.

Oh that’s sweet! Would you mind removing that entry then? It wouldn’t classify as an error card anyways, it’s simply a random misprint, and more commonly an easy-to-make fake.