Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

How high will this market go for those paying attention on ebay and mercari?

I guess 0

Impossible unless the quarantine ends and everyone gives up Animal Crossing

Would recommend you to focus on well established card hobbies if you want your cards to go up in price. If you like the cards buy and enjoy them. Imo it’s like buying Pokemon Go cards when the game was on fire.


Its similar in the sense the cards are gonna drop when the interest in the game wanes but it’s totally different because the cards actually have a function and purpose in the game.

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Bear, and short all the way to zero

All depends on wether Nintendo will reprint the cards or not.

If they don’t reprint them (or reprint them with different artwork) the prices will continue to rise.


  1. It’s Nintendo
  2. With “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” the franchise just graduated to be a top-tier Nintendo franchise.
  3. It’s become a cultural phenomenon during this Corona-crisis.
  4. Huge demand meets minuscule supply (the product is 4-5 five years old and left the official sales channels a long time ago/retailers got burnt by the product because nobody cared about it when it launched)
  5. Even the amiibo collecting community didn’t care much about the amiibo cards - this has suddenly changed

If Nintendo reprints the cards …

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I would assume their prices will keep increasing until Nintendo prints more (in which case, they will plummet) or until people lose interest in the game (unlikely as Animal Crossing is a game intended to be played for a long time).

Given the popularity of this game, however, I would have to think that more cards have to be on the way. My girlfriend owns a few that are going for $20/pop and we’re tempted to sell now.

Then again, Nintendo has been known to not always do what’s profitable and rather keep the sanctity of rarity–like they did with various Smash amiibo. Doesn’t help that I’m not much of an Animal Crossing expert either so not really sure how all of this is gonna pan out.

Remember you only need the card three days before the villager moves it. You will likely see a lot of these re-sold after people invite their favorite villagers. No only that Japan already has a re-release and wouldn’t be surprised if we got one too.


Certainly possible but is Nintendo taking the risk of producing and distributing a product worldwide that sold very poorly four years ago? Are retailers even going to order a product that clogged their warehouses for years and wasn’t profitable?

I also think that by the time the supply chains between China, Japan, the USA are working propperly again, Nintendo might have moved on to concentrate on the launch of the next blockbuster title.

It seems clear to me that Nintendo - at least initially - didn’t plan to reprint the cards, otherwise they would have shipped them in time for the launch of the new game.

@rekordmeister,Nintendo always capitalizes on the hype, i expect a new set soon, but not a reprint

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the cards didnt do very well in the market. majority of the time when stores ordered them they were not flying off shelves like amiibo did and went on clearance hence why series 4 was the hardest set to find compared to the other 3 sets. I dont see another animal crossing set anytime soon since the market for the amiibo cards were very low. while japan just did a reissue and sold out of it sometimes it wont effect the western market for it.

Looks like Nintendo is going to print more of these due to the demand from the popularity of new horizons.

Hopefully they’ll not reprint the old ones.

Japan already reprinted the old series so I wouldn’t put it past them to do that same for the US one.

I will need to buy Series 5 AC Cards like they’re Hidden Fates

I have several series 1, 2, 3, 4 boxes. Have we ever determined whether it would be Series 5? At the very least the copyright dates should be different on the cards.