An eBay story in 3 parts

Happy “waste my time” Wednesday, everybody!

Side note, I guess this guy belongs on the blacklist… jeez.


What an idiot, easy feedback removal though, like you said though a waste of your time

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The “accidentally clicked buy it now” is the most BS excuse on the planet because clicking “buy it now” does not complete the purchase. The fact that people seriously use it is mind blowing.


That hurts to read. That feedback should definitely be removable by eBay.

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I don’t understand why people do these things. What do they gain from this?

I almost never ran auctions and ran like 20 of them last week. 12 didn’t pay. I don’t understand people.


Plot: overall a bit predictable, but the ending had a nice twist. The animal crossing plotline was such an obvious red herring. Story progression was consistent and the tension always had me on the edge of my seat. I feel like 6:23 - 6:36 could have been fleshed out a lot more. Would have liked to see a real ending, not excited about having to wait for the sequel.

Characters: pretty much lacking. Almost zero character development, it wasn’t even clear what the antagonists goal was in the end? I would have also liked to see a bit more screen time for elijazeleni0. That side plot was dropped way to early, still unclear exactly what ‘went perfect’. I also feel like the main character had no personality throughout the whole thing and it just felt like they were a total self-insertion of the author.

Cinematography: really where the story stands out. I felt like I was actually receiving a notification myself. And the pathetic fallacy of the grey skies early in the story was really subtle. I appreciated the fact that the phone was charged throughout and kept a strong WiFi signal. I think that a lot of people may be a bit frustrated that the Charizard image was cut above the 1st ed symbol but I don’t need to see the full-frontal to appreciate it and I think it was done in a tasteful way.
Overall it was an okay story. 7/10


This reads like my old anime review website lol

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I miss the good old days when sellers could leave negative feedback for awful buyers . . .


Did you give them bad feedback?

You can’t. It’s another example of eBay’s asinine “buyer protection” where buyers can literally do whatever they want and even engage in criminal activity with no repercussions.


Still a better love story than Twilight


The only question I have is why would he pay 12k for that Charizard when theres one up for 5k? Hopefully you can get that negative feedback removed quickly.