ALL Ex Team Magma VS Team Aqua

Wanting to collect all varients/languages/promos/errors etc. From this set.
So far this is what I have as a complete list:

Full Sets:
1st Edition Japanese
Unlimited Japanese
1st Edition Magma Deck Kit Japanese
Unlimited Magma Deck Kit Japanese
1st Edition Aqua Deck Kit Japanese
Unlimited Aqua Deck Kit Japanese
English Reverse
German Reverse
Italien Reverse
French Reverse

English Non Holo Team Aqua’s Kyogre (Theme Deck Exclusive)
English Non Holo Team Aqua’s Groupon (Theme Deck Exclusive)
English Prerelease Team Aqua’s Cactnea
English Team Aqua’s Sharpedo Error (evolves from Spheal instead of Carvanha)

I don’t know if the varients exist for other languages or if there are more varients for English that I’m just not made aware of. If anyone can help that would be appreciated!


Seems pretty complete. I only have one small remark and one missing card that I’m aware of:

Remark: It’s spelled “Italian” not “Italien” :wink:
Missing card:

Korean 1/P Promo Pikachu:

Fun fact: it’s the only Korean card I know of with the Japanese back instead of English back.
These were available from some Phone Booth machines in South Korea in 2004.

No idea if there are any other Korean promos with a EX TMvTA artwork.