AJ's want list, please help, all Japanese

Magma VS Aqua: Two Ambitions
029 Marshtomp

Flight Of Legends
007 Nidoran R
024 Moltres Ex H

Clash Of The Blue Sky
065 Latias* H (Goldstar)
067 Rayquaza* H (Goldstar)

Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean
019 Entei* H (Goldstar)
032 Suicune* H(Goldstar)
039 Raikou* H (Goldstar)
047 Unown E U

Mirage Forest
059 Regirock* H (Goldstar)

Holon Research Tower
028 Kyogre* H (Goldstar)
075 Metagross* H (Goldstar)

Miracle Crystal
041 Jirachi Ex H
061 Shiftry Ex H

Offense And Defense Of The Furthest Ends
014 Latias Ex H
015 Mew* H (Goldstar)
028 Rayquaza Ex H

World Champions Pack
004 Lileep C
008 Charizard H
011 Flareon* H (Goldstar)
015 Vaporeon* H (Goldstar)
027 Jolteon* H (Goldstar)
032 Ralts C
036 Baltoy C
050 Trapinch C
051 Anorith U
056 Shiftry Ex H
058 Sharpedo U
067 Metang U
069 Slakoth C
072 Skitty C
076 Swablu C
077 Altaria R
078 Zangoose R
079 Bagon C
082 Energy Recycle System U
084 Energy Removal U
085 Great Ball U
088 Root Fossil C
090 Scott U
091 Professor Birch U
095 Drake’s Stadium U
096 Phoebe’s Stadium U
097 Glacia’s Stadium U
098 Cyclone Energy U
100 Warp Energy U
106 Lightning Energy R

Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise Starter Deck /052
006 Parasect
— Grass Energy
— Fire Energy
— Water Energy
— Lightning Energy
— Psychic Energy
— Fighting Energy

This should be in the buy/yrade section mate :blush:

You’re a moderator too now?

If these are 1st edition your after… Raw or PSA graded> I have some 1st edition raw in mint condition.

Just because someone isn’t a mod doesn’t mean they can’t make suggestions as to thread placement…

That being said, I have the following cards if you’re interested @aj1

Clash of the Blue Sky
-Latias Gold Star (PSA 9, UED)

Furthest Ends
-Rayquaza ex (NM/M but mildly OC, UED)

Contact me if you’re interested in anything.

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Pretty sure it says Charizard EX not moderator under my name buddy, could have just taken a second to read it now couldn’t ya? You have such an “ocd”, surely you don’t like seeing posts in the wrong section now do you, really grinds your gears seeing little things out of place I thought? Or shall we remove all the sections and just have 1 big block of threads to scroll through?


*fist bump*

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It’s funny because I never use the Homepage to see what section to click on unless Im creating a thread. I just use the new topics button to see what everyones talking about only, because I’m cool. Did ya want those Commons/uncommons AJ i posted?

Tapatalk app doesn’t tell me, buddy. Plus the only thing that bothered me was you mispelling Trade. It was a serious question btw, don’t get your panties in a bunch kiddo. And @ozenigma you just absolutely NEED someone on your side huh.

If you have a problem, pm me, don’t put it all over someone else’s thread, if the main problem was with my typo you could have been helpful and told me so that I could correct it rather than trying to attack me.

Me trying to understand how a serious question is an attack.

Let’s stop cluttering this thread, like I said, take it to my inbox and ill happily answer your questions, I just don’t see how my post needed a comment and so viewed it as an attack, if this is not the case then it’s just a misunderstanding so don’t lose sleep over it :blush:

Agreed, and I sleep like a baby even through earthquakes :blush:

You guys have a weired way of saying “bump” in a thread… Just trying to get some cards for a friend here, don’t make it about your personal stuff. Love the help. Looking for 1st ed, raw cards only. Will try to get around to pm’ing those with usefull replies, thanks guys!

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I have

Flight Of Legends
024 Moltres Ex H

Offense And Defense Of The Furthest Ends
015 Mew* H (Goldstar)