ADV Series 1 Holo Set

Hey guys, I’m looking to sell a complete ADV Series 1 (Booster Pack 1 or Ruby and Sapphire) Complete Holo Set and it also comes the holos from the Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip decks that were released at the same time. I wanted to know what you thought it is worth? I also wanted to give a chance to give UPCCC members a chance to buy it before I list on eBay. All cards are 1st Edition and are in excellent to mint condition (a few cards have some slight whitening). Unfortunately I do not have the non-holos cards :slightly_frowning_face:.

Card List:

003/055 Sceptile (H)
006/055 Beautifly (H)
008/055 Dustox (H)
011/055 Blaziken (H)
013/055 Camerupt (H)
016/055 Swampert (H)
022/055 Wailord (H)
023/055 Electabuzz EX (H)
025/055 Manectric (H)
026/055 Mewtwo EX (H)
029/055 Gardervoir (H)
030/055 Hitmonchan EX (H)
034/055 Hariyama (H)
036/055 Chansey EX (H)
043/055 Slaking (H)
045/055 Delcatty (H)
046/055 Sneasel EX (H)
048/055 Mightyena (H)
051/055 Aggron (H)

003/019 Treecko (H)
002/019 Torchic (H)
003/019 Mudkip (H)

I also have an extra set of the 5 EX cards. What do you think this is worth as well? Thanks!

$40 for the holo set? $15 for the 5 card EX set? That sound about right?

I think so. I am going to list a huge lot with a lot of these cards and did some searching for them and I think those price are pretty descent.

I think you can get a lot more for them.

I’m probably going to buy a ADV 1 set for $150 in the next month… At your prices that is severely overpriced. However speaking to cally and others. $150 is about right.

Selling the EXs separately might also help get more money…

I don’t understand, are you saying that his prices are too low or high?

Too low compared to a full set at $150 which seems standard for ADV1

Ohh! I am really in the dark on the ADV japanese cards. I put mine in a huge bulk and will just get what I get :confused:

eBay link please! I might try my luck with what you got

Oh it will be up next week :blush: Probably mid week. It probably wont be what you are after. It is just a lot of everything.

Do you havw a Sabeleye 1st edition from ADV1? If so can I have it? I’ll need it to complete my 1st edition set

No I don’t. Most of the cards are Dp and some in played condition.

LOL ain’t so smart now, are you mister I have all the trophy cards? Huh? HUH?!?!?

(Thanks for looking - I think I can get one for 100 yen from Y!J so I’ll do that)

hahaha! My Achilles heel is definitely the ADV series and the English e series.

Except… Darkrai is selling some of his sets to me! Mwahahahahahaha etc etc.

I should’ve bought all of his sets but I really didn’t believe these were so hard to find!!