Adding a 'variety' on PSA label

I recently asked PSA if they could grade a Pokemon trophy card and include the name of the winner on the label (if they are satisfied with the evidence provided).

PSA replied that they cannot add the name of the winner but would only be able to add a variety to the label.

While I’m asking PSA for more details, is anyone familiar with varieties that may go on a label for Pokemon cards?

Thanks heaps.

A variety could be a number of things, for example “1st Edition” “Shadowless” “Tropical Mega Battle” etc.

The third (and final) line of a PSA label is the Variety line. Hope that helps!!!

And it would not be logical to state the name of a winner on a PSA case, as there are numerous copies of the same card with different winners. They should all be graded and labelled in the same way.

Thanks Jason. This is just for a small project I’m working on. While it’s true there are multiple copies of trophy cards, only 3 copies each of the English Pika No.1/2/3 Trainers are given out each year. Cheers!

ooo thanks a nice add to your collection justjinkee!

Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to imply that I have a set of English Pika. I only have a 2008 No.1 trainer at the moment.

For some reason, I believe it’s important for me to know a bit of history behind a trophy card, more than just knowing that it was awarded to a winner. In the case of my 2008 No.1 Trainer, it used to be owned by William (which some of the members here know quite well). I also know that this particular card was awarded to Tristan Robinson from the US when he won the Junior division of the 08 Pokemon World Championships.

I guess these bits of information become part of the card and add to its “value”. It also helps me answer questions from my kids when we talk about the card.