Absolutely gutted :/

So i’ve never seen these before and took the plunge on a pair of Pokemon 3D Crystals from Japan - and the guy sent them with no protection so they just smashed against each other in the box ://////

I don’t know how easy these are to get a hold of but if anyone could give me some pointers as to where to get a pair again please say!

How bad did they get damaged?

Did you order them from a middleman service or direct from Japan?
I’d get a refund if it was the latter.

Got through eBay so i’m covered…both crystals are badly damaged with the corners missing on the Pikachu one and loads of cracks on both overall. I dunno if there are any on Yahoo Japan that I could get via middleman instead!

Soooo disappointing. Those are great. They match nearly any decor…

I’m not sure if those are officially licensed Pokemon products, but I’m sure you could go to a company that custom makes those and order some more.

They are official Pokemon promotional items as part of the release of the XY movie. There’s a few listed on YJ right now.

Just shake my head…

Does anyone middleman on here for Japan?

Japanime does…

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That sucks man, does look pretty cool tbh tho. Hopefully you get your money back