A Very unhappy birthday pikachu

So this week I bought an ANA airline promo birthday pikachu. The one with one batch of balloons and an airplane.

I get - birthday pikachu NO airplane. : (

So I went back to the auction listing. Photo is clearly of a airplane version. Then I read carefully and see that auction was actually for 2 different birthday pikachus, but I only got 1. Ok so contacted seller, hopefully I will get airplane pikacu eventually.

        No response yet, but its just been a few hours.  


This auction pictures 2 different cards. Airplane pikachu comes first. In description in one place it says one card, in another it makes it seem like both. AT any rate PLEASE nobody buy the other item as it may be the card I want. In that case, hopefully he will exchange card.

I am trusting this group here.

So the seller replies and says at first "it didnt specifiy which pikachu you would get".  So I said it does too specifiy the pikachu as "ANA airlines birthday pikachu".  The birthday pikachu with no airplane was released otherwise.  (Coro coro or calendar promo maybe?).  

So the seller then says sorry, I didn’t realize they were 2 different pikachus. Claims to have shown the 2 cards because of condition differences.

All the while, they offer a refund but I want the correct card as the airline pikachu I bought. It did say 2 available, but then seller said that other pikachu was sold. BUT they still have 1 airplane pikachu left, that is near mint. SO because of condition differences, the last airline pikachu is $6 more.

Seller again just offers refund, but I say I want the correct card. Well if I send back the wrong card, then I can get a refund (except return shipping, but its just 1 stamp so no big deal). IF I want the airline pikachu then I have to return wrong card and pay $5. Seller knocked off $1 because I pay return shipping ----- but honestly I feel they should just trade me the correct card since THEY made a mistake. They admitted they made a mistake but are doing little to help me get the correct card besides telling me to pay a $5 difference.

What are your opinions?

I have made mistakes before, usually underestimating international shipping, and what I do is eat the loss. It happens. If it is my mistake, then too bad I learn from it. I have grossly mislead a customer about the auction item. And have never grossly missed an entire airplane in a picture.

From past experiences, I have personally trade with Colton and he’s a stand up guy. I think it was an honest mistake on his behalf that he didn’t realize the differences. (Some people really don’t notice the difference, I don’t know why) But if it was me, I would tell the buyer to return the item for a full refund and the seller would be responsible for the return shipping because it was his mistake.

In regards in wanting a new card, $5 is a big difference. A Played condition ANA Pikachu card is WAY different than the NM ANA Pikachu card.

But in the end, it’ll be up to the seller.

I’m sure he’s thinking you’re being just as unreasonable. If it was me I’d probably take the loss, I’d rather have happy costumers that want to repeat business vs an extra $5.

With that said, I’m not the seller here, and that seller obviously has a different policy and it’s not wrong.

If you were to let eBay settle the dispute it’s going to end in you returning the card and getting a refund. So the solution becomes simple, if you want the card pay the extra $5, if you don’t want to pay the extra just return the item. There’s nothing else that can be done.

I’ve purchased cards from this seller before and he seems very reasonable. Good luck binx!

Yeah, I guess I am going to pay the extra $5.

Still, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The other pikachu is called near mint, but still has flaws that would make me call it just very good instead instead of near mint.

Guess its just tough luck for me.

Still, the listing was needlessly confusing and unclear, almost as bad as though Garunteed Ultra rares 30 cards - and when you read it clearly it says you may get 0-1 ultra rare. Almost as bad, but not quite.

I was mainly just venting.

I don’t plan to buy from that seller anymore, after this transaction is finished.

I agree with the fact that the two cards ARE indeed different. It is unclear which of the two you get with two pictures that are displayed. It is very shady however I do feel that technically speaking the seller is right as they did provide a no. 25 promo… Regardless whether or not it was the one you wanted. They should’ve made two listings

While the title may say one thing, I’d just like to point out that the description clearly says: “You are bidding on one Japanese ANA Airlines Pikachu No. 025 Promo Pokemon Card in Played condition.”

The seller states that they’re selling the Airlines version.

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Didn’t notice that! :open_mouth: