A seller tried to convince me...

…that the lot they are selling is a thing their son bought 24 years ago.
And it’s all Sun & Moon cards. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That is all. Just worth a chuckle.


What if it’s actually 1st edition base set cards which they e mistaken for sun and moon?

Classic. I remember when the media caught wind of some Pokemon cards selling at auction for fat stacks, so many newspaper articles touting its readers into thinking that all the cards they bought their children were incredibly valuable, I still have a few clippings I should dig up; that implied all Charizard and Pikachu cards were worth top dollar (seems like the Zard fanboys really ran with that lol).

But yeah, from that point on every parent that ever caved into their kids demands for more ‘PokEmons’ cards saw an opportunity to finally be reimbursed, so determined that they didn’t even have the time to do a quick search on ebay to see if what they had was even worth anything, they just implicitly decided their value based on how much they felt like they were entitled to!

This is obviously exaggerated and conjecture but I like to think this is the case every time that happens.

…also, often when someone is trying to sell me cards locally, they’ll claim the cards are “old and very valuable”, when I tell them that the year 2016 (mostly with Evolutions) is printed on the card I get dead silence (as if they’re shocked that I saw past the ruse haha!)

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nice story ty for your time

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Then they still wouldn’t be bought 24 years ago, since the Pokémon TCG celebrates its 21st birthday this year. :wink: Even if they were the earliest Pokémon TCG cards from Japan, it’s still ~22 years ago (from 1996).


Ok, now this is epic.