5/15/2013 - Tauros ex FireRed & LeafGreen

There are no words.

This card. There is so much to say, yet no words can accurately describe it. I mean… just look at it. It’s immaculate.

First off, I chose the RH version as it brings out the Tauros’s physical features. Look at that face. Thank you so much, Mazakazu Fukuda. Thank you.

Secondly, read the serial number. ZAZ-GAY-HD3. ZAZ-GAY-HD3. I find it’s serial number very appropriate to it’s facial expression.

I am extremely temped to go spend $27 and buy all of gamingetc’s copies then go drop $5 at T&T for all of their copies. The awe of this card is almost superfluous.

My Holo Version has the same exact serial number =/

no lie! i can provide pics as proof

This is just the funniest, weirdest card I have seen :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow this is hilarious and awesome!

After seeing the serial number, there is in fact a word for this card. FIERCE.

You’ll be the first person to own all the Gay (inside the) Serial number if you do drop all that money for this card.

Gotta make sure I include (inside the) don’t want to get banned