4th Print Charizard

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So I was trying to help a friend out and was able to pick up a 4th print Charizard. I had a hard time finding information on it and I am unsure if Scott did a video that included info on this card. I found some info on it, but is it just for a niche market or many people know about this card? I know it was for the UK but I read the subtle differences between the original base set Zard and this one… Are these worth anything or will go up? I will scan it later but I doubt it has any grading potential. I saw a few sold listings but not completely sure of their value. I read two forum topics on E4 about it but no exact info on it and why it was created? As I said before, I am assuming it was specifically printed for the UK? Thanks for any info.
EDIT: I was thinking when I asked value as I may just trade it for something, but I didn’t want to make a mistake and trade it for a roll of toilet paper lol

4th prints rarer, more serious collectors want them for their collections, and sell for more than the unlimited variation. It’s also a charizard, probably the only guaranteed card to go up.

As for value, guess what it would grade, see what those sell for and knock off a chunk for being ungraded… Or grade and cut out the guessing game and wondering if you got a good price for it. GL

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4th print was thought to only be a uk print but Gemmintpokemon managed to find some US packs that are 4th print so cant say they are a UK only print any more as for rarer i would say the non holos might be a bit rarer in terms of price not so much but the holos are a lot rarer in 4th print as WOTC put in unlimited holos as they must of had them left over or something and gary always says wotc wated nothing

as for prices i brought most of my PSA 9 4th prints around the 40-60 range minus the big three and the big three vary alot in sold listings so its a bit hit and miss, i would say add around 25% on top of the unlimited will be alright for undergraded but the psa 9 charizard i would say is worth 300-400 some have sold below that through,

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They sell for more than unlimited but significantly less than shadowless. Niche and not much demand or market activity outside of the high grades.


What’s the condition? If it’s NM or better you should definitely graded.

As far as value goes, it’s the kind of card I would hold onto and dictate my own price. It’s niche, but it’s a must have for serious collectors.

I would not just flip it at a 25% premium. No its not No Rarity or Shadowless/1st Ed, but if you’re patient you might be surprised what you might earn.

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The condition I don’t think is good enough to be graded… Maybe a PSA 6/7. I am honestly thinking of trading it since it was somewhat given to me by helping a friend. If it was a 9/10 id rethink it but in the meantime, that toilet paper is looking good lol.

Thanks for all the good info here.

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Trade it for what though? I mean you might get up to $100 or so value here. I would personally just hold it, but it’s up to you.

I could possibly do a trade depending on what you’re looking for.

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@teamrocketop I actually thought about buying a full ex/ex-nm set. However I couldn’t find anything outside of psa 9-10 available.

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I am assuming raw? Must be extremely hard to find, but I am not sure. I saw someone trying to sell a full 4th print fossil set but they were asking me the value, I couldn’t even speculate. I tried to see if Pierce had some analytics on 4th print.

@teamrocketop Yes, ideally something between psa 5-7 condition ungraded. I kicked around the idea of doing another base set type binder with those included.

I will probably just trade it for any reverse holos in the legendary set, cuz thats my only focus and all the hyper rare just for shiny fun lol.
Anyways, I put a scan on the card, I dont even think it will get a PSA 6/7, its pretty rough and I did not realize it. What do you think? I am not in the hype for IG so I uploaded these off of photobucket haha.

Scan it on a black background it’s easier to see the whitening around the edges