2016 Wolds Trophy series is missing 'Champion' - Why?

Possibly stupid question I will ask anyways…

Below are the links to each pop report. 2015 and 2017 both have a ‘champion’ card. 2016 does not. Why?

2015: www.psacard.com/pop/tcg-cards/2015/pokemon-xy-black-star-promos/127228

2016: www.psacard.com/pop/tcg-cards/2016/pokemon-xy-black-star-promo/134704

2017: www.psacard.com/pop/tcg-cards/2017/pokemon-sm-black-star-promo/142125

PSA just mislabeled them in their pop report. I have one that is marked as “finalist”.

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Thank you. Can you have them re-slabbed with PSA and just request that they do it correctly?