2015 TCG Format: Boundaries Crossed and BW55 Onwards


Tropical Beach going to bomb harder than an Adam Sandler movie in 2014.

I’m gonne miss Accelgor, Level Ball, Prism and Blend Energy :slightly_frowning_face:

Happy that Sableye is gone :stuck_out_tongue:

Tropical Beach won’t bomb.
All major events are now extended format for top cut. Additionally, LCs will be able to opt to be extended.

Fair enough, but it will still drop. A few people from my local TCG group on Facebook are trying to off load all their beaches at the moment. A friend from the UK says a bunch of people from his are doing it as well.

I would think there are some people who don’t want to make decks with cards they won’t be able to use in certain instances.

They’re already down to 90 before it was announced. I’m guessing 80ish will be the settling point.

I know people failing to find copies right now offering $85.