2006 Japanese Stamped Energy promos

Anyone have any info on these? I know the 2006 Pikachu Victory had the stamp variant which signified it was in December, are these energies from the same time as they have the exact same stamp and listed on Bulbapedia as December?

Any help would be great, want to try to get them graded and trying to find information. Even bulbapedia has no image of them.

Maybe @credits knows anything about them? He collects Energy cards and has checklists. Not sure if he also has a Japanese checklist or if it’s limited to English, though.


I only collect english variants. Does this info help: bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Unnumbered_Promotional_cards_(TCG)
it lists all the energies as participation prizes for Dec 2006 as well as the victory medal

Yeah that is about as far as I got as well, they don’t list the energies with stamps though so I am not sure PSA will let them through, especially with no images. Thanks though!

But if it doesnt have the stamp would you consider it to be a standard set release card? If it has the same same stamp as the pikachu card listed i would be inclined to think it would be what you think it is, bulbapedia isnt really an official source but rather a partial reference.

I collected energies. I was planning to pick those up in the past, but I wasn’t feeling the stamp.