2002 Battle Road No. 1 Trainer (female)

So obviously there are the male versions of this card but I was never aware of any female versions being made. Was this done to personalise the card based on the sex of the winning competitor? I only saw the card just now @ pokegym.net/gallery/showimage.php?i=34050&c=173

Does anyone have the female version of this card or has anyone possessed one at some stage?

I can’t think of anyone here who would’ve owned it at some point, probably still sitting in hand of original winner and won’t be for sale ever.


Would be interesting for @pokeg to comment on this card as he seems to be the original poster of it on pokegym :wink:

Had I won this card it would have a pride flag in the background and only gay Pokémons in the background. Something like Dragonite in a tank top (dragonite is Charizard’s gay cousin), Clefable and Mew. FYI I’m joking :blush: #HappyPrideMonth


The 2000/1/2 tournaments had female and male versions of the trophy cards. From tournament pictures we know there must be some 2000/1 female cards in existence. However there has never been any female trainer trophy card for sale. Also, the only photo of any female trainer is the one on the pokegym of the 2002 no. 1 trainer. None of the female cards have ever surfaced and we do not know anybody owning one (to my knowledge). Its hard to say how many female cards were awarded, but judging by the tournament photos only very very few… the female trainers are the rarest trophy cards (without taking the 2000/1 trophies with the winners photo into account as those are obviously a personalised artwork)