1st editionjungle set & Shadowless Base set?

I have an opprotunity to pick up both of these sets. But i’m not sure what a good price would be? Anybody have any input on these?

jungle/fossil 1st ed arent super valuable. Good price maybe 150, not sure on shadowless. Someone feel free to override though!

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Thanks! yeah i wasn’t super keen on getting the jungle set, but the guy i’m buying them off of wants to sell everything as a whole so even though i’m not to interested in them if I want the shadowless set it looks like I’ll have to buy them lol.

Roughly $300 for shadowless from what I’ve seen lately.

Did anybody mention condition above cause the price is wholly determinate on that.
The above prices would be close for non mint cards, if you want mint/pack fresh etc then they would cost more and the shadowless would be closer to 800.00+.


Wait for minty lemony fresh bids on shadowless holos brah. Show us the listing, so we can inspect the condish and worth of de cards.