1st edition jungle box for psa graded cards

Hi guys looking to trade a

1st edition jungle booster box Mint condition $2500

interested in

1st edition alakazam($1750)
1st edition mew two ($2100)
1st edition raichu ($1950)
1st edition blastoise PSA 9 $1100) will value more if its strong
PSA 9 gold star rayquaza ($1100) will value more if its strong
PSA 9 shadowless charizard ($1800-2000) STRONG!!
PSA 10 shadowless raichu ($1600)
PSA 10 Shadowless chansey ($2150)
PSA 7 1st edition charizard ($1850)

PSA 10 Charizard Base Set Mitsuhiro Arita Signed Card (1800)
PSA 9 shadowless charizard Mitsuhiro Arita Signed ($2500)
PSA 6 1st edition charizard Mitsuhiro Arita Signed ($2000-2200)

not to sure how to value these so this is just guess work so am able to be flexible with these signed cards

the prices in which i have valued these are via pokemonprice i am willing to be slightly flexible on prices if needed :blush:

As some of these cards are of a slightly lower value than my booster box id be happy to make a part trade part cash deal
or i we could make up the difference with another trade added on to make up the total if this becomes the case i am happy to discuss options :blush:

just a few alterations made to my thread :blush:

Are you willing to straight purchase any of these cards?

Hi not currently no if i was to id want to sell my booster box to acquire the money to then purchase a card but takes time and leaves room for uncertainty that i may not find a seller at the right price

more wants added

message me here or on instagram @poke.soul. maybe we can work something out

pmd you