1st Ed Raichu, complete yellow print line across card

Is this an error or variation anyone has seen before? Someone shipped me this and I’ve never seen anything like it!

That looks like just a bog standard holo print line to me :thinking:


Would you say that even a thick yellow line is a standard print line? You might need to zoom in on the second/third photograph, it shows best there across his belly (that line runs across the entire card)

From what I’ve seen in the past from print lines it is probably about 5-7 lines “deep” and yellow, not a ‘cut’ or ‘scratch’ like line.

Alas, if it is, I suppose that is OK - but I was really hoping it was some cool error!

It also just looks like a prominent print line to me. Perhaps the pictures don’t do it justice though.

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This is not a normal print line because: 1) it is in yellow ink, and 2) it extends beyond the holographic portion of the card and onto the borders.

I have never seen one of these on the front of a card, but I have seen them on the back. Here is my Moltres EX from EX FireRed & LeafGreen that has a dashed yellow line across the back. You may have to zoom in closely to see it.


That’s awesome. so this one extends the entirety of the card without waivering and is a deeper yellow than the border. Maybe it isn’t translating well in photos, but it popped out to me. I just sent it to CGC, hopefully they can identify it as an error and reslab it for me!

I think it’s the pics

My guess is that CGC will mark it as an error under “Additional Ink.”

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