1999 Tropical Mega Battle. Some things I found

Sorry about the poor quality. My camera isn’t very good. There really wasn’t anything valuable given to us, but I thought I’d share this stuff anyways.


Nothing valuable? You do know how much those birds are worth right? Haha ill buy them…wouldn’t mind an extra set :stuck_out_tongue:

I would buy those birds too!

Haha I was kidding :wink: but it is nice to see another set with envelopes! If you do decide to sell make sure you educate yourself on their worth.

If you do not mind me asking could you please share the history of them? How you won them and how mayn were given out etc? :blush:

I actually didn’t know they were worth anything. I just found them today when I was cleaning out my parents storage closet. They were given to me while I was at the 1999 Tropical Mega Battle in Hawaii. One set was given to each of the trainers, so I imagine they are very rare. An identical copy of the exeggutor I was given later came out in a Japanese magazine, so it was nothing special. I placed second in that tournament and will never forget my time there.

Hahaha what a find!! How many compeitors were there? I was under the assumption they were won in timed battles. Anyway if there is anything you would not mind parting with feel free to pm me! I bet that was an awesome feeling to place second!

Awesome find you could get $500-$800 for each one!