15 card PSA voucher / declared value

Hey E4

My step father and I have decided to go in half on the platinum level PSA subscription.

With that comes the 15 free vouchers. With a max declared value of $499, will they return the card or simply upcharge me at the end and leave the voucher as unused?

I want to use this opportunity to submit some base 1st ed, but, many will be over $499. Any clarification will be appreciated!

They will upcharge you.


Thank you, Scott. Will my voucher be used?

Yes, your voucher will be used no matter if they upcharge you or not.

That’s what I needed to know. Thank you both :+1:

If they up charge you on a card you can use the voucher(s) again for another order.

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This is news to me? They won’t just upcharge you only the difference in value if a card was valued at $549 (difference of $50) and still burn the voucher?

They do not burn the voucher. They credit it back to your account and just up charge.

Source: I have one voucher on my account from using 15 free with one up charge. I’ll probably never use it because it’s not worth sending one card then pay for return shipping and I only use Ludkins anymore.


They upcharged me on a couple cards and gave me the vouchers for the uncharged cards.

@bahljs If you haven’t bought the Platinum membership yet, consider getting a Silver membership instead and sending the cards in at the Economy level (also $499 max).

The idea was for my step father and I to go in half and split the submission to start, and go from there

From what I get from your recommendation is same service, same max declared, less cost for yearly submission?