1 million monthly page views on E4

Over 400 unique people visit every day!

1 million pages viewed every month! Thank you everyone for your continued involvement in this amazing community!


I think it was 1.1M the other day when I checked! Rivaling 2020 numbers! :muscle:


I refreshed this page 3 times just to do my part, you are welcome everyone!


We are amazing.


At least 100,000 of those page views are @dblast editing his posts, but 900,000 is still pretty good! :wink:



Amazing to see. Do you know which countries are causing this influx? Is it mostly the US or other countries as well?

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Amazing work!

I’m surprised Japan didn’t even make the top 10. Naively have always assumed this place would have quite a few Japanese visitors from purely anecdotal observations.

Also shocked to see Netherlands that low because my head canon has pretty much all of you as Dutch or American haha.

Congrats on the million!


Surprising for france, I didn’t think it could be so much! :exploding_head:

Was originally going to write that you have to take population size into account, but even then the Netherlands isn’t at the top either. But since I now did the math anyway I thought I’d share the most over- and underrepresented countries by users per capita here:

Singapore ~ 6.35 E4 members per 10k

Australia ~ 3.88 E4 members per 10k

Canada ~ 3.69 E4 members per 10k

USA ~ 3.11 E4 members per 10k

UK ~ 2.3 E4 members per 10k

Netherlands ~ 2.01 E4 members per 10k

Germany ~ 1 E4 member per 10k

France ~ 0.72 E4 members per 10k

Italy ~ 0.57 E4 members per 10k

Brazil ~ 0.18 E4 members per 10k


But who is the most special best user? Who is it?


Just wanted to note that the numbers I provided include search traffic so it doesn’t translate exactly to “members”

The reason we get almost no Japanese traffic is that this is an English site. I actually did try a plugin that made the site bilingual in Japanese but it cost like $40 a day to use the Google translate API :dizzy_face:


I only joined 2 months or so ago and i refresh far too many times. You are welcome.


That line chart looks pretty familiar @pfm :face_with_monocle:


This is actually extremely interesting data. Maybe this means the hobby is maturing and people are starting to deepen their knowledge into some of the nicher areas. One can hope.

It’s actually because I died and in my will I indicated my entire fortune and estate would be awarded to anyone who can solve my worldwide scavenger hunt. A sequence of complex and creative riddles have led hundreds of thousands of people here in search of the next big clue in a race to find my fortune.

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Uncle Stagecoach I solved the puzzle, please don’t ask for any details. The answer is Rosebud.

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