07/01/2013 - Illusion's Design Contest Zorua L-P

I miss hand-drawn cards and simple designs. I hate to be one who says that the older are better and the newer suck and yadda yadda. I simply prefer the older style, by a lot, for me personally. Nice post :blush:

I’m with you on the choice for card of the week. My kids and I just love the illustration. We actually bought the 2010 Illustrator set last week and looking forward to receiving it. Cheers.

I actually own one of these cards. Scott is being amazing, as he is getting it graded for me :blush:
I personally miss the old school drawings on cards… of course I was never a fan of the “clay” cards…
However there are still some nicer looking cards in the future (The Shiny Collection Cards Look STUNNING!)

But I must admit, when I have the funds, I will be nabbing a set of these Illustrator Cards.
They are amazing!